Reformed Baptist?

"What is a Reformed Baptist Church? Is your congregation half Reformed and half Baptist? Do you sprinkle and immerse? What do you mean by Reformed Baptist?"

The Reformed Baptist Churches are a group of independent local congregations committed to historic Christianity and in particular, historic Baptist principles.

"Oh! So you are a Baptist group?"

Yes, we are Baptists with a difference. Let us explain. The formal, doctrinal basis, (secondary to the Bible), of Reformed Baptist Churches is the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. We are historically in the Baptist tradition. We believe in the baptism of believers only. We believe that only baptized believers should be members of local churches. In this sense we are unashamedly Baptist. We are Baptists in the tradition of John Bunyan, Benjamin Keach, and Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

The problem is that you may have met not a few people who call themselves Baptist who are not that kind of Baptist. Tragically, Baptist churches, like other churches, have been subject to the erosion and dilution of their biblical convictions. In recent years, however, the God of grace has been pleased to create a thirst in many across our land and across the world for biblical revival and thoroughgoing reformation. Not a few have looked back and discovered how far modern evangelical and fundamental Christianity has deviated from historic Christianity. They are sickened by the man-centered worship of the church today and want to return to the God-centered worship of historic Christianity. The names of the great Reformers, Luther, Calvin, Knox, and many others have once again begun to be revered as those God was pleased to use to restore the great gospel truths of Scripture alone, grace alone, Christ alone, and faith alone to the church. The writings of their godly successors in the Puritan tradition, John Owen, Thomas Goodwin, George Whitefield, yes, and Spurgeon too, have once again begun to be appreciated as treasuries of Bible truth. This is why we say that we are a Baptists with a difference.

"So what exactly do you believe?"

Another good question! Many in our day give too high a priority to many secondary issues in choosing a church. The first and most important thing to consider in choosing a church is what they believe. We are happy to tell you what we believe.

"How can I find out more about you?"

If these convictions strike a responsive chord in your heart, if you have questions, or want more information you may contact us at:

Truth for Eternity Ministries
3181 Bradford NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

We can be reached via E-Mail at: . You are also welcome to visit the Truth for Eternity Home Page featuring an on-line Booklet & Tape Catalog, and several on-line tracts.

Truth for Eternity Ministries is the out reach ministry of the Reformed Baptist Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

This on-line edition of "Reformed Baptist?" edited from a tract from:

Reformed Baptist Church of Sault Ste Marie
C/O 1705 Davitt
Sault Ste Marie, MI 49783

For your further study:

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